Yukon, Pennsylvania Construction (May 2019)

If you’re paying attention you will see that some things are changing here on the website. Some new things are being added. You can expect to see more changes coming to our “Video’s” section as we get closer to the full launch of our Youtube Channel in 2020.

This video below will be listed in our new “Adventures & Filming On Location” section. I have been given a huge vision for this website. It is going to be far from just a music website. The “Adventures & Filming On Location” section will feature random adventures and movie filming locations.

In this particular video, we take a look at a very small coal mining town called Yukon, Pennsylvania. I spent some time there as a child and I still go hiking there from time to time. There is a construction project underway there currently. This video is from May of 2019.

I may do an updated video very soon to show its progression. I have a time lapse video that I will be working on soon. The photos will date back to the early 1900’s. I will be showing what the town looked like in the early 1900’s and then the updated version here in 2019. Wouldn’t it be so exciting to have a time machine right now? Time to go watch “Back To The Future” now to see if I can learn some tricks and tips on how to build a flying delorean. 😉



Blaze Mordecai

“Yukon, Pennsylvania Construction” (May 2019):

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