KiLDiG CD Release “HALLOWEEN IN HADDONFIELD” Coming October 22nd, 2020


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I have been teasing since July 30th, 2019 on my blog post that “A New Project” was in the works behind the scenes. That project now has a name and that name is “KiLDiG”. It was a band that I used to play in from 1997 – 2005.

Anyways, we have relaunched the website at The incredible video below will give a lot of details on the future vision for the KiLDiG CD Release. The KiLDiG band members and website will be introduced in 2020. There are 3 of us currently. Our CD will be completed most likely by November 2019 with a late 2020 release date. Thank you and I look forward to introducing this new music in 2020. I am Blaze Mordecai. The lead singer and guitarist of, KiLDiG. Talk with you soon.

“KiLDiG CD Release Coming October 22nd, 2010” (Video):

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