Blaze Mordecai, Releases First Track “We Are Victory” for Upcoming CD


I have been receiving a lot of requests to hear my music as of late and I decided to finally release the first track from my upcoming cd “Rockstar” (just a working title, not the official title).

The song is called “We Are Victory”. The song is based on Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction, Quantam Physics, Child Sexual Abuse Trauma, and other traumas I’ve endured in my lifetime.

The power of positive thinking is literally going to change your entire reality if you choose to embrace it. When you program your mind with what you want and use your words to empower you. You will get what you desire as long as you stay detached from outcome and living in the present moment.

More on these teachings will come as I progress closer to the full launch of this website and youtube channel. I am going to bring into this reality a brand new vision for the music industry. I will not fail in my ventures. That I guarantee. Thank you for reading and listening!

Yours Truly,

Blaze Angelus Mordecai











“Blaze Mordecai – We Are Victory” (2019):

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