Blaze Mordecai, Completes 1st Album / Concert & Health Update

Hello everyone, I am just writing a quick update to let everyone know that I have completed my first cd. The working title is “Rockstar”. However, that isn’t going to be the name of the future album upon release. I just don’t want to give the official title until all of my works have gone through the legal copyright process.

I finished the cd on April 2nd and I’m very happy with it. It took me around 2 months to complete as I began recording on February 2nd – April 2nd.

I haven’t played a live concert since July 14th, 2017. Soon, I will be performing my first live event in nearly 2 years on April 24th, 2019 at Salina Inn in Salina, Pennsylvania.

Currently, I am on the Candida Diet which forces you to remove all sugars, artificial sweetners, flours, grains, dairy, from your diet. There is a massive epidemic occurring in the healthcare industry in America as well as other countries, but America is a major problem area. My health has been a major obstacle in me pursuing my passion of music. My past addictions have gotten in the way and created a lot of health problems for me. It is my responsibility to clear the emotional blockages that create physical disease. Candida and Parasites are the cause of the morbid obesity in America. Most people here are uneducated on Gut Health. If you heal your gut, you will heal your life. These are topics I will be educating people on at some of my Public Speaking events in the future. I am deeply concerned for people’s health and future. I have lived my life as a 400lb man and transformed myself into a 160lb man. I’m still feeling the negative symptoms of eating sugar and a super toxic American Diet. When our guts are more bad bacteria than good bacteria; we will expierence symptoms of: Bi-Polar, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings, Digestive Problems, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Low Sex Drive, Financial Problems, Stress, Sleeping Problems, among many others.

Did you know that Parasites and Candida are the cause of 90% of our health problems? It is time for all of us to become educated and take responsibility for our health and the world we have created around us. Candida creates massive blockages in our Chakras resulting in problems in our health and our ability to attract our desires.

Jesus said that “Heaven is within” and how few people actually do the inner work to open it. Our bodies are a temple; Not a garbage disposal. Isn’t it about time that we began treating it like one?

Yours Very Truly,

Blaze Mordecai

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