Blaze Mordecai, Begins Recording Future Albums

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give an update that I began recording my future albums on Feburary 2nd, 2019. Honestly, I started recording all of the drum tracks in 2018 and that took me 44 hours to complete. Currently, I am in the process of recording my first 3 cd’s that will be released in the future. I will just say that the recordings sound absolutely amazing.

The plan is to turn www.TheBlazeMordecai.Net into a ‘Music Licensing’ business in 2020. My plan is to begin ‘Public Speaking’ in churches and weight loss centers next year as well as playing live concert events. I am going to attempt to record all 3 cd’s, finish writing my book on weight loss, heal Parasites and Candida all in 2019. This is the road to 2020. I will have to get the books and cd’s printed in 2019. In 2020, I will be relocating to Gainesville, Florida.

I am really working diligently in all areas of my life. I am working very hard everyday in order to create the future I truly desire for myself and others. This music is a brand new vision for the music industry. The new vision focuses on Self-Healing, The Law of Attraction, Quantam Physics, and my personal testimony of an incredible transformation from 400lbs to 170lbs. Those are all of the updates that I have for now. I did create a new YouTube Channel, but I have no time to do anything with that. When we launch the business officially, we will have 2 main outlets for social interaction. The official website and a YouTube Channel.

I will be doing another blog post in the not so distant future. I am extremely busy, determined, and focused right now.

Apply The Law of Attraction to your daily lives.

It really works!

Yours Truly,

Blaze Angelus Mordecai

2 thoughts on “Blaze Mordecai, Begins Recording Future Albums

    1. Thank you so much for visting my website!
      I am excited to present new music in the future.
      I will most likely release my first song in early summer.
      Stay tuned and be blessed!

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