37 Music Licensing Tracks Completed / 2020 Youtube Details

On March 14, 2019, I posted a blog titled “Blaze Mordecai, Begins Recording Future Albums” in which I described my vision for transforming this website into a ‘Music Licensing’ business in 2020. My original intention was to record 52 songs to use for ‘Music Licensing’ in order to have an automatic income each month which will help to fund my other goals such as ‘Public Speaking’, ‘Concerts’, ‘Books’, etc. However, I may record far more tracks than 52 now.

Recently, I have completed my 37th track and I am very excited about it. Some new plans and visions have come to me which I will reveal in the future. A new project pertaining to how all of this music will be used and released globally through the world wide web. More on that later.

I will be launching a full Youtube channel at some point in 2020. I have no specified date for the launch. There is a lot of work to be done as far as that goes and I am not going to do this half assed. I will put in 111% of my time and energy into this or I would rather not do it at all. In July 2019, I will be buying all new video equipment in order to capture the most amazing scenes for my future Youtube channel. All audio will be recorded through a ‘Zoom R24 Multi-Track Recording Studio’ with ‘Shure Microphones’.

The current plan is to produce 2 Youtube video’s per week, but that could change later as plans tend to do. One of the video’s I will release each week will be one of the ‘Music Licensing’ audio tracks. People will be able to listen to my music for free via Youtube with the option of purchasing the music to use for their own projects, films, tv shows, radio shows, etc.

My goal is to create 52 music licensing tracks in order to release 1 Youtube video per week for 1 year. I have to complete 15 more songs for this part of my goal. That will likely be accomplished by the end of June 2019.

I will post another update as things progress. Thank you, for reading!

Yours Very Truly,
Blaze Mordecai

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